Why my SMTP setting has stopped sending emails?

Problems with sending emails using the custom SMTP email settings on ClientJoy


In this article, we'll cover


1. What could be the reasons for emails delivery failure?


The probable reason for this could be:

  1. Your SMTP credentials might be incorrect. Could be a recent password or configuration change in your original email account.

  2. Could be an inaccurate SMTP configuration on ClientJoy settings

2. How to resolve email failure in SMTP settings?

You can reset your Custom SMTP setting on your ClientJoy account by following the help guide here: How to send emails using custom SMTP?


3. What happens when you are unable to resolve or re-configure your SMTP settings?

If the SMTP settings are not correctly configured on your ClientJoy account, the system will reset it to the default mailing server settings after 7 days of failure, and your clients will be receiving the emails from the default email address i.e contact@clientjoy.io.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a notification if my SMTP setting fails?

Yes, you get the notification email with the email and sender details, along with the error details.


2. Which emails are sent using the SMTP settings?

Emails like:

  1. Proposals

  2. Invoices

  3. Recurring invoices

  4. Payment reminders emails



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