Why did my mailbox, calendar, and Scheduler got disconnected?

So, you might be receiving error banners on your Clientjoy portal, email in your inbox that your 2- way account sync has stopped. Please check this article to find the causes and impacts of these notifications.


In this article, we'll cover

1. What does it mean when you receive a 2-way sync error message?

When your Clientjoy mailbox is somehow disconnected due to various reasons, you will be getting notifications on your email and Clientjoy portal, to make you aware of this so you can re-connect it to your Clientjoy account.


2. How are you notified about the 2-way account sync error?

Currently, there are two methods with which you get the notification:


A. You get a banner notification on your Clientjoy portal, which stays there until you reconnect your Email:



B. You get the notification on your registered email inbox with the subject "Your Mailbox and Calendar integration needs attention":




You can click on the "reconnect" hyperlink which will redirect you to the Clientjoy Settings> Connected Apps, there you can connect your mailbox again.


3. What are the probable causes why your account had stopped syncing?

  1. The primary reason could be, that you might have changed your email password.

  2. The access to third-party applications in your email settings might have been removed, refer to the screenshot below:

  3. There have been issues or downtime with the mail servers of your email service provider


  4. Issues with the provider such as account payment overdue or account suspension

4. How it will impact your Clientjoy account?

  1. You will not be able to send, reply to, or forward emails, scheduled emails will also not work.

  2. You will stop receiving new emails, and mark as read/unread functionality will also stop working.

  3. Two-way Syncing with the calendar will stop, which means new events and meetings on your original calendar will also not sync with your Clientjoy Calendar.

  4. The scheduler will stop working due to which the users will not be able to book the meetings with you.

5. How to re-connect your Clientjoy Mailbox with your email?

You can re-connect your email with the Clientjoy mailbox from Settings> Connected Apps:


After it is connected and Active again, the banner message on your Clientjoy will disappear, if it still shows, we suggest you please refresh your page and check again.


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