What changes for Clientjoy 1.0 users?

We'll cover

  1. What's new in Clientjoy 2.0?

  2. Which Features from Clientjoy 1.0 are removed from Clientjoy 2.0 ?

  3. What Functionalities are not available for Clientjoy 1.0 data in Clientjoy 2.0?


What's new in Clientjoy 2.0?

We gathered feedback of our Clientjoy 1.0 and acted upon to build Clientjoy 2.0 with love.


Which Features from Clientjoy 1.0 are not available in Clientjoy 2.0 ?

With increasing functionalities and features month by month in Clientjoy, it's very important to remove the ones which are not used much. It's an important lifecycle activity for all the products to keep product maintainanable and stable.

We analysed the usage of all the functionalities and decided to remove the ones which were not used or were used by less than 0.5% of our users. This doesn't mean that we've removed them for forever, we can include them again when we see a right fit of them again.

Please find the list below for such functionlities

  1. Reminders as an independent module. We've made the Proposal and Invoice reminders more configurable.

  2. Custom Field Types Checkbox, Color picker, Hyperlink and Date-Time picker.

  3. Custom Fields in Invoice, Proposals, Team and Contacts. (It'll be included again with better flows )

  4. Payments as a separate page. It's information will be available in customers and on Dashboard.

  5. Attaching additional documents when sharing Invoice and Proposals. We'll recommend sharing extra documents through Client Portal which will be out soon.

  6. Notes in Invoices and Proposals. We recommend keeping notes for Leads and Customers so that you can have full picture of a Lead and Customer in one view only.

  7. Proposal Kanban View.

  8. Merge Invoices

Which Functionalities are not available for Clientjoy 1.0 data in Clientjoy 2.0?

We've migrated the data of Clientjy 1.0 users to Clientjoy 2.0. We've made some drastic architecture level changes in some modules like Proposals which does impacts the usability of old data in the new platform.

Here is the list of all such data which is impacted.


Old Proposals

We've developed a new proposal engine to give you a better performance and better experience. The old proposals are not completely compatible with the new version.

You will be able to see you old proposals, send it but you won't be able to update them.


Custom Templates

Since the structure of the new proposal engine is very different from the old one, you cannot use old templates to create the new proposals. Hence you'll not see your saved templates in the new version. You'll have to recreate the new templates by referening the old system.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@clientjoy.io