Understanding Your Workspace and Users

What is a workspace?


Workspace is the space for Agency where all users, proposals, invoices, files, etc. are stored. Clientjoy billing happens on the workspace.

It's a representation of the Agency or Business or Organization.


Why would I need multiple workspaces?

If you are into multiple businesses or having different organizations or chains/or branches of an organization you can manage those well. Basically, Workspaces are for people running multiple companies or brands. So by that, your terms are also divided and the billing and leads can be managed accordingly


How do I set up a new workspace?

In order to create a new workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Profile option at the bottom of the sidebar.

  2. Click on New workspace Button.

What does the user mean?

The user basically refers to your teammate or coworker. Your Salespeople, Project Managers, and Account Managers can also be invited and given different viewing and creation rights.




Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (support@clientjoy.io), or explore Help Center to get information!