Understanding Tags

In this, we'll cover


  1. Organize data with examples.

  2. Associate a color

  3. Edit Tags

  4. Delete a Tag


Organize data with example

Tags are unique identifiers that can be associated with the CRM records to search, sort, categorize, filter, and segment them more efficiently. In simpler words, tags are labels that you add to a category of records so that you can sort them easily. For instance, you can add tags such as "Hot", "Warm", and "Cold" to your leads based on their levels of interest. You can also add tags based on demographics such as location, revenue, or company size like US, UK, Asia, 50-100, Enterprise, small-scale, etc. When you click on any tag, you can view all the records associated with that tag.

To add tags:

  1. Go to any module (Leads, Customer, etc.)

  2. Select a record from the list view to which you want to add tags to.

  3. Below the Lead information section, there is another section of Tags. Click on Add Tag.


  4. Add relevant tags and click Save.


Associate a color

Associating your tags with color can allow for better organization. Especially for leads with multiple tags.

Related tags can be categorized using the same color, making it clear at first glance that they are related to each other. For example, all lost leads might be in red and won in green. In this way, you can determine at a glance what kind of leads you are looking at, depending on the colors of the tag associated with a ticket.


In order to associate a color with the tags, you need to follow the above steps to add the tag.



Edit Tags

Clientjoy offers you the ability to edit the name of the tag.

In order to change the tag name, you need to follow the above steps to add the tag.



  • Click on the edit icon as shown above. [Refer to the Screen shot]

  • Once edited Click Apply.


Delete a Tag

If in case you don't want any tag to be shown in the drop-down list or want to delete any of the tags permanently from the CRM, You need to follow the above steps to add the tag.



  • Click on the Delete icon as shown above.[Refer to the Screen shot]

  • Click Ok


If you have any query please reach out to us at support@clientjoy.io