Tips and Tricks

πŸ‘‰ See your converted Leads in Kanban View

Clientjoy doesn't show the Leads that are converted to clients in the Sales Pipeline. If you want to see them then open filter and choose filter "converted to customer". This will display all your converted Leads in List or Kanban view. 


πŸ‘‰ Bring your Proposals or other sales Documents from apps like Canva, Figma, etc. for tracking and eSigning 

If you are new to clientjoy and want to bring your old sales documents to Clientjoy or if you create design heavy sales document in specialised apps like Canva, Figma, Photoshop, etc. then also you can use Clientjoy to upload these documents as PDF files and then sending them for tracking or for signatures. Go do Documents and click on upload document to begin.



πŸ‘‰ Setting a Default Client Portal template for all Clients.

In Clientjoy you can customise Client Portal for each Client or create a template which will be available by default to all your new client and existing clients unless you go and make an customisation for a specific Client. When on Client Portal just click on switch view button on the top left and switch to the template mode to set default Client portal for all new client or existing clients. 


πŸ‘‰ How do you assign an activity to a team member in Clientjoy?

You can add your teammates as guests when creating activities. When your team-mate syncs their calendar and Mailbox to Clientjoy, they will start seeing the activities assigned to them in their calendar. Once done they can open it and can mark it as done.



πŸ‘‰ How to set up reminders in Clientjoy?

You can create a scheduled activity for a Lead or Client in Clientjoy to set up a follow-up or reminder for the things which you want to be reminded of. It'll show up in your calendar and on your dashboard (soon).




πŸ‘‰ Embed meeting scheduler on your Website to get meeting bookings.

You can allow your website visitors to book consultation calls with you easily by embedding Clientjoy's meeting scheduler on your website. Here is how we embedded it for our support or demo calls? Here is how you can get your embed code?



πŸ‘‰ Have a stronger Brand presence with Clientjoy.

You can customize Client Portal, Proposals, Quotes, Contracts and Invoice pages with custom scripts to add widgets like chats, popup forms, tracking, etc. You can also do custom styling by adding custom CSS. Learn more.


πŸ‘‰ Create Payment Schedules or collect advance payments easily

You can offer flexibility to your clients in making payments by creating custom schedules for the payments. With "Split Payments", you can define how much do they pay to you and when. Clientjoy takes care of sending them payment links and reminders. 😱 😱



πŸ‘‰ Create multiple column layouts in Documents.

You can make a beautiful 2 or 3 column layout in Documents. Add a new table, add text, images, titles, etc. and then just remove the borders. Your



πŸ‘‰ Create Quotes, Estimates, Contracts in Clientjoy.

You can send Quotes, Estimates using Clientjoy’s Documents. We’ve got one-page quote templates in the Documents template library. Apply the template, add a Pricing table, send it and start tracking your Quotes for email opening and views.



πŸ‘‰ Create workflow automation within Clientjoy

You can use Zapier to create automation within Clientjoy by keeping Clientjoy in both Action and Trigger. You can use it to send a templated Documents automatically to a Lead when they are added to a particular stage in the sales pipeline. 😲😲



πŸ‘‰ Auto bill your Clients every month

If you are using Stripe payment gateway and it’s connected with Clientjoy’s Invoicing then you can auto-bill your Clients on recurring Invoices. This will eliminate redundant activities of you sending the email every month, your clients opening the Invoice, adding the payment method, and making the payment. Learn more.