Sync your Google or Outlook Calendar

Note 🗒️: Users and who have access to Mailbox can sync their Google or Outlook calendar


Syncing your Google or Outlook Calendar in Clientjoy will help you to see all your activities and events in one place.


Benefits of syncing your Calendar:

  • You will be able to see activities in the Clientjoy calendar which are created in your Google or Outlook Calendar

  • Automatically blocks your availability in the Clientjoy calendar as well if an activity is created in Google or Outlook Calendar



In this article, we'll cover


Note 🗒️: To sync your Calendar, you need to connect your Google or Outlook account.


1) How to sync your Calendar?

  • Once you have connected your Google or Outlook account in Clientjoy, go to the Calendar option from the sidebar.


  • This will open up a modal window showing all the Calendars available in your connected account.

  • Choose the calendar from the dropdown option which you want to connect with Clientjoy.

  • Click on Save & Start Syncing




    Note 🗒️: This modal window will open every time you open the Calendar module until you select a Calendar to sync from your connected account.


  • All your activities created in your connected Calendar will be synced in Clientjoy and vice versa in a few minutes. All the activities created in Clientjoy before syncing will also be seen in your Calendar along with the synced activities.


  • You can see the activities of other Calendars from your synced account by clicking on the top right side.




    Note 🗒️: All the activities from your account synced in Clientjoy will appear with the Google logo and those from Outlook will be seen with the Outlook logo.


  • Google account synced will look like this:


  • Outlook Calendar synced will look like this:



Heads up ⚠️: Once you delete a connected account, both your email and Calendar will be disconnected.




  • That's it 🙌 All the activities that you create from now, will be synced in your google or outlook calendar connected and your Clientjoy Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I sync more than 1 calendar?

  • You can only sync one calendar at a time. However, you can switch to other calendars available in your connected account.


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