Schedule Invoices

It is easily possible to set your Invoices to be sent in the future without logging again into Clientjoy. All you have to do is, schedule your Invoices emails and your Customer will receive them on the day and time you want.


In this article, we'll cover



1) How to schedule an Invoice?

  • Once the Invoice is created and ready to be sent, click on Send.


  • This will open up the email template. Click on the dropdown option beside Send and Click on Schedule.


  • Choose the date and the time when you want to send the Invoice. Click on Set schedule. It'll show you the scheduled date and time on the send email button.


  • That’s it. 🙌 Your Invoice email is scheduled to be sent.

2) How to reschedule or remove a schedule?

  • To reschedule the Invoice, click on the three ellipses icon and click on Reschedule email.



  • This will open up the email template. Change the date and time when you want to send the Invoice email.

Your Invoice email is rescheduled. Now it will be sent on the revised date and time.


Note🗒️: You can also remove the Scheduling by Clicking on Remove Scheduling.




1) How will I know if a scheduled Invoice is sent to my Customer?

You will receive a notification in the web app when your scheduled email will be sent to your Customer.


2) How do I find all the scheduled Invoices?

You can apply the filter by selecting scheduled and you will be able to see all the Invoices which are scheduled.


You can hover over the clock icon to check the date and time of the scheduled Invoices.


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