Reminders in Invoices

In this article we'll cover


  1. Types of Invoice Reminders

  2. How to stop reminders for an Invoice?

  3. How can I set the email content of automatic reminders?



Clientjoy sends automatic reminder for the invoices. You need to configure them.

Types of Invoice Reminders

There are three types of reminder that can be configured and sent:

  1. Automatic before the Due Date

  2. Automatic on Due Date

  3. Automatic after the Due Date


To configure invoice reminders, navigate to the Settings, choose Invoices from the Customer management section. Navigate to the Reminder settings section.

Before the Due date:

These are the reminder that can be sent before due date of the invoice.

Under Reminder settings choose First reminder and set the day on which you want Clientjoy to send reminder. First reminder is sent before the due date. Let's say if you want to send a reminder 2 days before the due date, you can configure 2 over here for it.



On Due date:

Clientjoy sends a reminder on the due date of the Invoice.

After Due date:

These are the reminder that can be sent recurring after due date of the invoices. You can set an interval e.g. after due date send a reminder every 3 days.



Reminder Time : You can also defined the time at which reminder to be sent. This will allow you to use a standard time for your Industry.

Note : If you want to turn of all reminder emails to the customers, just turn off the toggle.

Changing Invoice Reminder Setting for a Specific Invoice

You can also configure reminders for a specific invoice. For this navigate to specific Invoice click on the invoice for which you want to set the reminder and click on the bell icon to have overview of the reminders that are sent or to be send for this invoice. Click configure option to change the reminder setting for this particular Invoice.



How to stop reminders for an Invoice?

In order to stop reminders for the invoices just mark the toggle of for which you need to navigate to dashboard settings choose invoices from customer management section and under reminder settings mark the toggle off .



How can I setup the email contents for the Invoice reminders?

You can define the emails which are sent as reminder emails for invoice.

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