Recording Payments in an Invoice

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1) In how many ways I can record payments for an Invoice?

There are two different ways of recording payments in an invoice.

  1. Manually recording a payment when payment was made through offline channels like a direct bank transfer.

  2. Automatically when customers make a direct payment using the Payment Gateway (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) linked to Clientjoy Invoice.

2) How to record a payment made through an offline payment method?

Steps to record offline payment method :

  • From the Invoice listing page, go to the specific Invoice for which you've to record the payment

  • At the top right you will get an option to Record payment.



  • From the Payment method options choose the payment method from which you received the payment.[How to add a bank detail as a payment method?]


    Note 🗒️: If you have not chosen any payment method while creating the Invoice, then it will not show you any payment options while recording the payment manually. So you need to select a payment method while creating an invoice.


  • Fill in the other details like transaction ID, Payment date, the amount received, etc.


  • Click on Record to save the information.


  • Payment Details will be seen on Invoices such as Payment mode, transaction id, date, and time.



3) How to record a payment made through an integrated payment Gateway?

Clientjoy's integration with the payment gateway automatically adds the payment record for your Invoice. The Payment method will be selected as the Payment Gateway which was used to make the payment along with the payment date.


Note 🗒️: Once you record a payment, the status of the Invoice is changed to Paid.


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