Mailbox overview

Connecting and Syncing your mailbox ✉️ in Clientjoy will help you to communicate with your prospects/customers in Clientjoy.


All the emails from the last 1 month will be synced with your ClientJoy account.


Following are the things you will be able to do using emails in Clientjoy:


1) Sync your email inbox with popular services like Gmail, Outlook, etc


2) Configure your email signature. The editor options help to style your signature and create a brand image for your company.

3) Know the unread count of emails. It helps you to never miss an unread conversation.

4) Easily find your emails by using inbuilt filters. Searching for the right email at the right time will help you to save your time rather than going through all the emails.


5) See your Inbox, Sent, and Archived emails.

6) An email thread is automatically linked to a Lead/customer.

💡 Tip: You can also link a lead/customer manually if you receive an email that is not from the Lead's email address.


7) While reading an email conversation from a Lead/Customer you can also use shortcuts to:

  • Go directly to the lead/customer details page

  • Add tags

  • Update the lead/customer

  • Unlink the lead/customer from the email thread

  • Send Proposal/invoice



8) Ability to create a new lead/customer directly from the email thread. Save your time by copying and entering all the details again.



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