Leads Overview | Everything you need to know

We'll cover


  1. How can you use Leads in Clientjoy?

  2. Managing sales pipeline in stages

  3. Tracking the Source of Leads

  4. Tracking the Deal size of each lead and in the Pipeline

  5. Managing Leads through Tags

  6. Saving notes

  7. Saving Files of a Lead

  8. Sending Proposals

  9. Integration with other tools [Coming soon]

  10. Winning or Losing a Lead

  11. How can you convert the Lead to Customer?

  12. Note > Only Lead information is transferred to the Customer. Notes and Files aren't transferred to the new customer data.



How can you use Leads in Clientjoy?

Managing sales pipeline in stages:

You can add your leads and assign them to different stages as per the interaction you had with the leads. In this way, you can manage them better.




Tracking the Source of Leads

You can add lead on the dashboard along with their sources so that you may have an idea about how you acquired the lead and later if you want to track you can do that easily.



Managing Leads through Tags

You can put a tag on your leads. Tags basically act as identifiers which later can be used for the filter and searching your leads.



Saving notes:

With Clientjoy under the lead contact section, you can save notes which can be some important points of your last conversation that you want to refer to in the future.

  • Click on Lead name.

  • Click on Notes



Saving Files of a Lead

In order to save file for a lead

  • Click on Lead Name

  • Click on Files.

  • Click on + New File.



Sending Proposals

  • Click on lead Name.

  • Click on Proposals

  • Click on New Proposal




Winning or Losing a Lead

There are two pre-defined stages of the Lead i.e. Won and Lost.

If the lead is closed i.e. when the lead becomes your customer you can change the final stage of the lead to won. If not then you can change the stage to Lost.

In order to change the Lead status to won or lost:

  • Click on Lead from listing.

  • You can choose the stage won or Lost from the top right corner.




How can you convert the Lead to Customer?

In order to convert the lead into a customer:

  • Click on the lead name.

  • Choose the ellipsis icon from the right top corner.

  • Select convert to customer.



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