How to upload files from One Drive?

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there. Now you can connect OneDrive with your CientJoy account and can share files with your clients; from any system that you are logged in with.



In this article, we'll cover


1. How to connect OneDrive with your ClientJoy account?

So there are two possible ways to connect your OneDrive on ClientJoy:


1. Settings> Connected Apps> Connect OneDrive

Just go to Connected Apps from settings, and there you will be able to see the "One Drive" option to connect.




2 .Customers> Select any customer> Files> Upload File> One Drive

Open any customer with which you want to share a file, you can see the "file" option inside which you will be able to see the "Upload file" option, which will open up a window that will give you multiple available options to upload a file, such as a Add a link, upload file from the PC, Google Drive and OneDrive.



Once you click on the "One Drive" option from either of the locations, it will redirect you to connect with your Microsoft account:


Sign in with your Microsoft account from which you would like to use the One Drive sharing.




Once your One Drive is connected, you can start sharing files with it.

You can check its connection status from Settings> Connected Apps:


The above example shows that it was connected 6 minutes ago, and a "Disconnect" option is available, which resembles that it is connected and can be also disconnected from here.


2. How to share files from OneDrive with your Clients?

After your setup is finished, you can use One Drive to share the files with your clients.




  • Customers> Files> Upload File


    Open any client profile from "Customers" go to "Files" then click on "Upload File"


Click on "One Drive" and select the file you want to share from your drive.


After you click on the "One Drive" option, a new pop-up window will appear, for you to select the file you want to share from your Drive:


Once you select the file you want to share, it will appear in the files section as below:



You can differentiate the file uploaded from One Drive, with its cloud icon attached on the right side of the file, as shown below:




To share the file in the Client Portal, you will need to enable the "Portal" Toggle; just beside the File Name.



Once you turn on the Toggle, your file will be shared in the Client Portal, as shown below.



✍️ Note: Files shared via One Drive; will be in the form of URL links, so you will need to make them publicly accessible or shared with that particular email of the client from One Drive sharing options.


3. How to Disconnect your OneDrive?


  • Settings> Connected Apps> OneDrive

Go to Connected Apps from Settings then click on the "Disconnect" button for OneDrive.


Confirm "Disconnect" on the warning message, and it is done.




4. What are the benefits of sharing files from One Drive?

  1. You can always share the latest version of the file as it is on a cloud and rendered in real-time.

  2. One Drive can be used as a central repository for storing and sharing the files with the clients.

  3. Clients don't need to download the file every time a new update is done, hence the device storage is saved.

  4. The client can easily share it with their team members with the URL link (Access will need the permission of the owner).

  5. Files are protected and Secure; with Microsoft's trust.


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