How to upload and share files?

Now you can upload and share any file with your clients on CientJoy; from your PC or Laptop.


In this article, we'll cover


1. How to upload files from your computer?

Customers> Select any customer> Files> Upload File

Open any customer with which you want to share a file, you can see the "file" option inside which you will be able to see the "Upload file" option, which will open up a window that will give you multiple available options to upload a file.



To upload the file from your computer system, you need to select the first option i.e "Upload File" please refer to the screenshot below:



Upon selecting the Upload File option, you can use the "drag & drop" feature to upload the file or can "click to upload" to select the required file to be uploaded. (Refer to the screenshot above)


Once you select and upload the desired files to be shared, you can see those files have been added on the top of the existing files shared; within the file section:




2. How the uploaded files can be viewed on the workspace?


By default the uploaded files are shown in a "list" view, you can also view the files in "Thumbnails" by selecting the "Grid view" option beside "Upload File" please refer to the below screenshot:


Enabling which you will be able to view the files in thumbnail:





3. How to preview files that are uploaded to be shared with the client?

You can preview the already uploaded files from the "files" within any of the customers.


To preview the files in real-time without downloading them, you can click on any uploaded file; to open it in a preview mode.


A .png file is previewed here:


(refer to the below Screenshot)

  1. You can navigate from previous to next file while previewing

  2. Share in Client portal directly in preview mode

  3. Download the shared file

  4. Rename the previewed file

  5. Delete the file

  6. Close the file



4. How the files can be shared with clients on their client portal?

Files can be shared in two ways:

  1. Enabling the "Portal" toggle beside the file name to share it on the client portal.



  2. Share the file while in preview mode:


5. What is the file size limit for any file to be shared with the clients?

The maximum size limit for a file, that can be uploaded and shared is 100 Mb.



6. What are the benefits of sharing files from your computer on ClientJoy?

  1. Sharing the files is very simple and just a click away.

  2. Clients can be able to download the files shared on the client portal

  3. You can also download the uploaded file from another system.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I upload more than one file at a time?

Yes, you can select and upload multiple files.


2. Can I add more than one file with the same name and file format?

Yes, you can add multiple files with the same name and format.


3. What are other ways to upload and share files with the customer?

You can also share the files via URL link, Google Drive, One Drive.




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