How to update a Recurring Invoice?

How to update a recurring Invoice?

When you have to add a new service to your existing recurring client or you need to update the pricing from the next Invoice that's going to be generated then you will need the option to update the upcoming recurring Invoice.



Open the Recurring Invoice

To update the next recurring Invoice, you need to first go to the last generated recurring Invoice




Find the option of update next recurring Invoice

Click the 3 dots option on the right top to see available options



Make the required changes

This will open the next recurring Invoice in update mode. You can make changes to the Item table, recipient details, payment methods, etc.


✍️ Note: You will see XXXX for the Invoice number. The Invoice number will be auto-generated based on your current sequence number.



Save the changes

Review your changes and click on the Save and Exit button.



Hurray! You are all set now. Your client will receive this updated Invoice in the next recurring Invoices. 🙌



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see my next recurring Invoice?

You can see the next recurring Invoice by clicking on updating the next recurring Invoice.



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