How to trigger a Zap for invoices in Clientjoy?

In this, we'll cover


  1. Use case

  2. Steps to trigger a zap for invoice

Use Case:

For example, you want to use the invoices created in Clientjoy for accounting purpose and you use another software like Quickbooks to do your accounting, so you will be easily able to do it by creating a trigger in Zapier.


Steps to trigger a zap for invoices:

Here are the steps to follow.

1 . Log in to Zapier.




2 . You can create a Zap via the Make a Zap option.



3 . Choose the Clientjoy app and fill in the necessary details in order to trigger the data.



4 . Click on Continue Button and sign in to Clientjoy. Click on Continue.


5. In order to set up a trigger kindly choose the respective workspace and the status of invoice for trigger. Click on Continue.



6 . You can Click on the test trigger in order to test it and click on Continue.


7. You need to create an Action for which choose App event ( for example Quickbooks) and Action event as for example create sales receipt. Click on Continue.



8. Choose you Quickbook account and click on Continue. Set up action by filling in the necessary details. Click on Continue


9. Now you can test your trigger by clicking on Test and Continue.


10.Turn on the Zap.