How to track sales emails in Clientjoy?

We know how important is to respond to a sales email when the email was just opened by the Lead. 🤩


You can easily track the sales emails that you sent using Clientjoy's Mailbox. 😱 It will become easier to find the hot leads and the leads which are losing interest.



In this article, we'll cover


How to set up email tracking?


Set up your Mailbox in Clientjoy.

✍️ Note: Email tracking is available only after you have done a 2-way sync of your email with Clientjoy. Here is Guide to setting up the Mailbox.



Enabling email tracking

When you are composing an email in Clientjoy you will see a checkbox for enabling the email tracking for that particular email. Ensure that you have checked the box as shown in the image below.


Now send the email. Here you go! Clientjoy will now start tracking the email.


How will I know when the email is opened?

When your Lead will open the email you'll receive instant notification in Clientjoy's web and mobile application.


You can open the email and can hover over the green tick to see the information on when the email was opened.




How do I know which email is being tracked?

When you've enabled email tracking in an email you'll see a double tick icon in front of the email in your Mailbox as shown in the image below. When the email is seen by your Lead the tick icon becomes green.



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