How to set up reminders, tasks, or follow-ups for yourself?

Sales as well Support team can now create reminders for their calls and meetings for the particular lead or customer from Clientjoy


In this article, we'll cover


How to create a reminder call, and meeting for the Lead/Customer on Clientjoy?

Now you can create and assign the reminder call or follow-up with your Lead, directly from your Clientjoy portal, and it will be also created as the event in your calendar.


Here's how you can do that:



Lead> Activity> Add Activity


Open the Leads module, and click on the lead for which you want to add a reminder call.

After opening the lead, click on Activities, inside which you will get the "Add Activity" option as provided in the below screenshot:



After clicking on "Add Activity" you will be getting various options for the activity type, like Call, Meeting, Task etc that you would want to create for that Lead, as shown below:


Details that you can also add after you select the Activity type:


  1. Activity name- Name the activity that you want to keep for that meeting or call

  2. Color- You can change the color to easily identify your created activity from your teams, or activity type identification.

  3. Activity Date- with start and end times, and the "All Day" reminder option

  4. Add Guests- By default it will add the lead or customer email in the guests section, although you can add any other guest who might be joining in with you on that call. Or you can remove the lead is you only want the reminder for yourself, the activity will be synced in with your calendar only.



  5. Linked to Lead/Customer- You can link the activity to any lead or customer, by default it adds the lead you have opened.

  6. Internal Note- You can set an internal note for yourself or the team to understand the status of the activity.

  7. Description- You can add a detailed description for this particular activity.



  8. Select Calendar- You can select the calendar inside which the activity should be created.

  9. Location- You can add the location where your teammates are involved in the activity, like a personal video meeting link or conference room if you are working from the office :)

  10. Mark as Done- You can directly tick this option if you have completed the activity already but for sake of keeping the records, you are creating it. It will help new team members with the activities performed on that Lead/Customer.

  11. Send Invites and Save- Send invite will send the email invite to the users added inside the guest list, you can untick it to avoid sending the invite. If you are only added to the guest list then it will only be synced within your calendar.

    Save- You can simply save the activity for it to get enabled.




2. How to update/edit, Mark as Done, and Cancel created Call/Meeting?

After your reminder is created, it will show up within the "Activities", "Timeline", and "Calendar" sections, you can make the changes from these three sections:


All the actions like Update, Delete, and Mark as Done can be done from these sections.

Here's how to do that from each of those sections:


1. Under Timeline:


  • Open that lead from the Leads module

  • Click on Timeline (by default it opens once the lead is opened)

  • Click on the three dots on the right side of that created activity, you can see all the three options



2. Under Activities:


  • Open that lead from the Leads module

  • Click on the Activities tab beside the Timeline tab

  • Click on the three dots on the right side of that created activity, you can see all the three options



3. Under Calendar:


  • Open your Calendar module

  • Click on that particular event/activity inside your Calendar.

  • A pop-up window will appear with that call details, there you can get all the three options as shown below



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