How to set up a Custom domain?

We'll cover

  1. What changes for my workspace with a custom domain?

  2. How to set up a custom domain?


What changes for my workspace with a custom domain?

  • You can run your Clientjoy's workspace on your custom domain.

  • You can run your workspace on your own domain

  • You can customize the login page

  • You can send Proposals and Invoices which opens on your domain URL

  • You can have Client Portal running on your own domain.


How to set up a custom domain?

You can map your existing domain to Clientjoy, to do so follow the steps detailed below


1 . Navigate to settings. Choose Branding+.



2 . Scroll down to custom domain settings.



3 . You need to choose a domain or subdomain on which you want to run your workspace.

Note: We highly recommend you to use your subdomain for this.

4 . Next is to copy the CNAME. Click on the copy icon shown in the image below to copy the CNAME to your clipboard.



5 . Now you need to map the above-copied CNAME with your domain. Know that each service provider has a different way of adding a CNAME record. Click on the links below to access their step by step guide for the same-

If your service provider is not listed above please search their help center or ask their support for instructions on how to add a CNAME record.


Note: Once the CNAME entry is complete, note that it might take up to 48 hours for your domain to point to Clientjoy.

6 . Once done with the CNAME mapping, enter your domain name and click the verify domain mapping button.

Doing so will verify and ensure that the domain name is entered correctly and pointing to the right CNAME. You'll get a success message if the mapping is done correctly.



Note: If the system throws an error while verifying, please ensure that the above steps have been followed correctly, else please contact the service provider of your CNAME. Please connect with your developer for any assistance, else contact your domain service provider.


7 . Our system will map your domain with Clientjoy and will add an SSL certificate to your domain to secure it. This can take some time (max 2 hours).

Keep checking your entered domain name on a new device or in incognito mode of your browser to know if the setup is complete.

8 . Once your setup is complete, you'll see Clientjoy's login page with your branding on your entered domain.


Example :

  • Your domain is

  • You want to use Clientjoy on your domain and so you can create a subdomain

  • Then you need to map to

  • Once it is mapped successfully, you can add it in the Branding plus option in Settings.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (, or explore Help Center to get information!