How to set Auto Payment for Recurring Invoice?

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1) What is Auto Payment in Recurring Invoices?

Your Customers can choose the option of automatic payments for Recurring Invoice. Once chosen, your Customer will be automatically charged on the Invoice date.

Major Advantage of Auto payment is that you don't have to worry about sending the same Invoice again and again and then following up for the payment. With Auto Payment, your Customer will be charged automatically every month after their consent. 🚀 It is safe and secure with Stripe Payment Gateway.


2) How to setup Auto Payment in Recurring Invoices?

  • To setup Auto Payment in Recurring Invoice, we first need to connect Stripe as the Payment gateway (Setting > Payment methods).

  • Once the payment method is connected, you can create Recurring Invoice.

  • Share your Recurring Invoice with your Customer.

  • When your Customer chooses the payment method, a pop up form appears.

  • Your Customer can fill in the necessary information required to add his credit card details.

  • Your Customer needs to click on the checkbox to turn on the Auto Payment for the recurring Invoice. (This option will not be seen for one-time Invoices)


  • Note : Auto payment is enabled only for Recurring Invoices. Each time a new Recurring Invoice is generated, then the payment for all the Invoices generated for that Recurring Invoice will be auto deducted. Your customer will have to enable Auto Payment each time a new Recurring Invoice is generated.

3) When will your customer be auto charged?

Your Customer will be charged on the Invoice date ie. when the Invoice will be generated in Clientjoy.


4) What happens when your Customer wants to change the card details?

  • You will have to stop the Recurring Invoice.

  • Create a new Recurring Invoice by choosing the Payment method as Stripe and send it to your Customer.

5) What happens when the card fails to charge the Customer?

  • Clientjoy will send your Customer a payment failure email.

Note : If you have set SMTP, then the email will go from the email id which you have set.

  • In that email, your Customer will receive a link to set up Auto Payment for Stripe again.

  • Your Customer can re-enter the card details and enable Auto Payment.

6) How to stop auto pay in recurring Invoice?

You can stop Recurring Invoice to prevent Auto Payment from your Customer's account by opening the Invoice and click on Stop Auto Payment from the three ellipses icon on right top corner. Please refer the below screenshot for your reference.





Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) Can my customer cancel the auto payment?

No, your customer won't be able to cancel the auto-payment on his own. He will have to reach out to you and request to cancel the auto payment.


To cancel the auto-payment please refer to the link.



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