How to receive payment in Installments through Invoices?

We'll cover

1) What is Split Payment?

2) How to create an Invoice to receive payments in installments from your Customers?

3) How to receive Split payments from an Invoice?

1) What is Split Payment?

To receive advance before starting a project is very important for many businesses. Now, you will be able to take advance from your Customers before starting a project/service. You can split your Customer's payment in two or more installments. You can also set a due date for each installment.


Advantages of using Split Payment

  • Split Payments allows you to break the Invoice into installments.



2) How to create an Invoice to receive payments in Installments?

  • First, you need to create an Invoice.

  • Then you need to navigate to the Invoice settings menu on left and scroll down to the Agreement type.

  • Select the Split Payments option.


  • This will open up a modal window where you can set up the schedule for payments. You can define a schedule by adding the Amount (Fixed or Percentage) and Due Date for it.


  • Once you set up the payment schedule, you can click on Save Payment Schedule.

  • After saving you can see the defined schedule below the Invoice.

  • Once your Invoice is ready, you can send it to your Customer by clicking the send button.

  • This will open the modal window with the email template for sending the Invoice.
    In the email template box, you will be able to see the dates and the amount set for the payment to be made by your Customer.

  • You can make the necessary changes and can send the invoice to your customer.



3) How to receive Split Payments from an Invoice?

  • When your Customer opens the Invoice through the link received in the email, they will get the option to make the first payment which is due.


Note: The other part payments will be enabled according to the due date set

  • Once the first part payment is done, your Customer will get the option of making the second installment/part payment.

  • They will be able to see their first payment details as well.


Note: If your Customer fails to make the payment after the due date and the Invoice amount is overdue, he will get the option to make payment for both the first and the second payment scheduled.

  • Your Customers will also get reminder emails according to the due date set.

  • Once the whole payment is received, the status of the Invoice will change to paid and all the payment details will be seen on the Invoice.



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