How to Import Leads data from Pipedrive CRM to Clientjoy?

In this, we'll cover


  • Things to remember before you import your data.

  • How can I upload CSV?

  • Mapping of the Column

  • About the import summary


Things to remember before you import your data.


  • If you have additional Lead information then first add Custom fields and then begin the import. You'll be asked to map the custom fields with your column headers.

  • When you are using Dropdown (select) custom fields in Clientjoy to make sure that all values that are used in your file are present in the Clientjoy system. This will prevent errors of mismatch values. Clientjoy will ignore the case (capital case or small case) mismatch but if there are any spaces or character mismatch then you will encounter an error.

  • Make sure that all mandatory fields/columns are present in your CSV. Lead Name is a mandatory field.

  • Do not use comma-separated values for Clientjoy's existing fields of contact information like email and phone number. If you have comma-separated values then add new custom fields to retain them.

  • Please remove extra spaces in the beginning or end of the words if any.

  • If you have your exported data in excel sheets convert the excel sheet into CSV files with an extension UTF8.

How can I upload CSV?

Leads importing is to facilitate uploading multiple contacts and their associated properties to a CRM system.

Importing leads to your Clientjoy workspace is a simple process -

  1. Navigate to the Leads module.

  2. At the top right corner click on the ellipsis icon and choose Import.


  3. This will take you to the Import leads page.


  4. Under the upload, file section click on the File (CSV) to upload your CSV file.


Note :



  • Please choose how you want duplicate records to be handled. Do you want to create a new Lead with a duplicate record or you want to reject the duplicate record? The duplicate record will be identified based on the email address only. Any other duplicate information will be ignored.

  • Choose the owner of these imported leads from the dropdown list.

  • Choose the correct currency for the imported Leads.

Click On Continue


Map Fields

  1. Once the upload is done the next step is to map the columns of Clientjoy lead fields and imported file headers. Once the field is selected click on the add mapping button.


Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory to map



Here is the way how you can map the Pipedrive CSV header with the Clientjoy Leads header:

  • You need to map the Name CSV field to Leads Name.

  • Phone header from Pipedrive CSV is to be mapped with Phone number.

  • The organization field from CSV is to be mapped with Company.

  • Email header from the Pipedrive CSV is to be mapped with an Email field.

2 . Click on Done, import now.


Import Summary

  1. If the import is successful with exactly the same number of data you will receive the confirmation by email. Click on the back to leads button.

  2. If import stops due to some error, the error file will be sent to you by the system on your email. You can fix the error on the same file. Once the error on the file is fixed, you can delete the error column from the file and save the file as CSV and start the process again by clicking on the import button.


Here you go, the import is done.


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