How to get started with Mailbox?

If you want to know what all you can do by connecting your email ✉️ , start with an Email overview.


Communication with your lead/customer is very important for any business. Email plays a very important role in managing your communications. Connecting your mail inbox in Clientjoy will help you to communicate easily with your leads/customers.


We'll cover



1) How to connect your email?

2. Guide to Clientjoy email composer.

  • Click on Add new email. Compose the email using composer to format the email.

Using the formatting options like Bold, Italic, bullet points, etc, you can draft an email.


Tip 💁‍♀️: You can compose an email directly for a lead/customer by opening the lead/customer details. Go to the Email tab and click on New Email.



3. How to configure your signature?

  • Go to Email Settings

  • Click on Configure email signature.

  • Enter the email signature by using the composer options available. Once done, click on Save.

Note 🗒️: This signature will be used in your emails whenever you are composing an email or replying to an email inside the Mailbox option in Clientjoy.

4. How to link an email thread with a lead/customer?

  • Open the email thread which you want to link with a lead/customer.

  • Search for the lead/customer you want to link to the email thread.



  • Select the lead/customer you wish to link. This will link your lead/customer to the email thread.

Note 🗒️: When a lead/customer who is added in Clientjoy, sends you an email, then that email thread will be automatically linked with that lead/customer.


How to unlink an email conversation from a lead/customer?

  • Open the email thread which you want to unlink with a lead/customer.

  • Click on the dropdown beside Options. Click on Unlink from this conversation. This will unlink the lead/customer from that email thread.


5. How to add a new lead/customer from an email thread?

  • Open the email thread from which you wish to add a new lead/customer.

  • Click on the dropdown option beside Add new lead. Choose whether you want to add a new lead or a new customer.

  • This will open up the form where you can add additional details of the lead/customer and details of the custom fields as well.

  • Once all the details are filled in, click on Save.

  • This will create a new lead/customer.

Note 🗒️: The lead/customer added will also be linked to the email thread.



6) How to create an Invoice/Proposal for a lead/customer directly from the email thread?

  • Open the email thread from which you wish to add a new lead/customer.

  • Click on the dropdown option beside Send new Proposal. Choose whether you want to create a new Proposal or an Invoice.

To create a Proposal:

  • Enter the Proposal title and choose the receiver. Click on Create. This will take you to the Proposal editor where you can start creating a Proposal.

To create an Invoice:

  • Choose the receiver and click on Continue. This will take you to the draft invoice where you can start creating an Invoice.



  1. Can I get notified when my customer opens my email sent through Clientjoy?

    Currently, you will not be notified when your customer will open your email. We will be adding it in our future releases.


  2. Can I connect more than 1 email at a time?

    You can only connect one email at a time.


  3. Can I send mass emails through Clientjoy?

    Currently, it is not possible to send mass emails through Clientjoy.


  4. If I delete an Email from ClientJoy, will it be deleted from My original email account?

    Yes, Clientjoy is directly synced with your email account, so the email will be deleted from your account as well.



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