How to get Started in Clientjoy?

To be able to smoothly use the Clientjoy, you need to do a one-time setup of your workspace e.g. your Company, Branding plus, etc.


Have a look at this video below to get a glimpse of how you can start growing with Clientjoy 👇🏻

Here is the guide to set up your workspace:

  • Add your Workspace Logo from the My Profile option in Settings.



  • Enter your Company name and Company Address. It will be reflected on your Invoices and Emails.




  • Add different Currencies to raise invoices for your customers from different countries.


  • Items refer to the product/services for which you are charging your clients. You can create items once and save them and use them while creating Invoices and Proposals.







  • Branding plus

    Clientjoy allows you to have complete control of your own brand in front of your Leads/Customers. In the Customer area and public pages, you can add your logos, your domain, your brand colors, your custom scripts, your styles, etc. In fact, all the emails to your Customers/Leads will also go from your emails and in the email templates which you can configure.



  • Work

    • Import your Leads and Customers to start reaching out to them through Clientjoy.

    • Connect your Mailbox and start sending and receiving emails in Clientjoy.

    • Sync your Calendar to see your activities in one place.

    • Create automation through Zapier/Pabbly/Integrately/Integromat to get Leads from Ads, Forms, etc.


  • Your Clientjoy Team list is found in Settings > Team. This provides you with an excellent overview of each team member in your Clientjoy account, including what information they have been given permission to see.


  • Other Settings

    • Enable the options for which you want to receive notifications from the Notification option in Settings.





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Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (, or explore Help Center to get information!