How to disconnect your Gmail Outlook account?

You can easily disconnect and change the email accounts in Clientjoy.


How to disconnect the Email account in Mailbox and Calendar?


Go to Settings> Connected apps tab

You will see the email which you have connected to Clientjoy. It can be a Google or Microsoft account. You can click on the triple dots options as shown in the image below. You'll see the option to Delete the account in the menu. Click on it.




Confirm the Deletion

You will see a confirmation modal.


✍️ Note: Once you delete the email account which is synced, you won't be able to access the emails, or send or receive the emails. All the email conversations that are associated with your Leads will also be removed.


Click on the button Delete button once you are sure about it.


Your account is deleted

Done! Your account will be deleted and you'll see the option to connect to a new account.





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