How to create a Document from a PDF file?

If you have a Document created on another platform with high-resolution graphics that you want to share with your Leads/Customers, you can easily upload the PDF of the Document in Clientjoy and send it to your Leads/Customers. This will save your time by creating the same Document again in Clientjoy.


In this article, we'll cover

1) How to upload the PDF file of a Document?

2) FAQ



1) How to upload the PDF file of a Document?

  • Go to the Documents option from the sidebar.



  • Click on the dropdown option beside + New Document and click on Upload Documents.



  • This will open up the modal window where you can enter the Documents name, the receiver of the Documents, and drag and drop your PDF file to upload.



  • Enter the Document title, choose the receiver and upload the PDF file.



  • Click on Upload.




  • Your PDF file of the Document is uploaded in Clientjoy.




    ✍️ Note: You will not be able to update the text or images of the PDF uploaded. All the PDF pages will be added as page backgrounds so if you wish to add pages in between, add text boxes, images, etc. you can do that.


  • You can also add a pricing table to this Document. You can choose to display the pricing table or keep it. It will be useful when converting this Document to an Invoice.



  • If you wish to get this Document eSigned then add a signature box in the Document.




  • That's it 🙌 Your uploaded Document is ready to be sent to your customer.


💡 Tip: You can also schedule your Document if you wish to send this later.



1) Do I have to upload the PDF of the Document every time when I want to send it to my Leads/Customers?


You can upload the Document once and save it as a Custom template to send to other Leads/Customers.


2) What is the maximum file size to upload the PDF?


The maximum size of the PDF can be 10MB.


Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (, or explore Help Center to get information!