How to create a meeting link? Using meeting scheduler

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1) How to create a meeting link using a meeting scheduler?

Note 🗒️: To create your own meeting link, your Mailbox must be connected and synced in Clientjoy.


Please follow the below steps to create a new meeting link.

  • Go to the Scheduler option from the sidebar



Note 🗒️: We have created a default 30 minutes meeting. You can either use that meeting link or create a new one.


  • Click on the add scheduling page



  • Enter your meeting name, location, and duration of the meeting. Click on Next.



  • Click on Next



  • Next, you can enter your availability.


  • Click on Create




    Note🗒️: You can also create a new meeting link while drafting an email in the Mailbox.



  • That's it 🙌 Your meeting scheduler is created.



2) How to update the meeting link?

  • Click on the Scheduler module from the sidebar.



  • Click on the edit option of the meeting you want to update. This will open a modal window where you can update your meeting details.



  • Event info: Set your event info to avoid the conflict of double booking.



  • Calendars - Choose from the Calendars in which you want your customers to book a meeting with you.



  • Opening hours: Choose your time zone and set your availability.



  • Reminders: Communicate about your meetings scheduled and canceled.



  • Add reminders to know about the upcoming meetings.



    Note 🗒️: You can add multiple reminders.


  • Custom fields: Create multiple custom fields from the multiple options available to collect data from your leads before connecting with them. Name and Email are mandatory data that your lead has to enter.



  • Page Styles: Customize your meeting page by setting up the page styles.



  • Once all the details are updated, click on Save & Exit.



  • That's it, your meeting details are updated.



    3) How can I see the Preview of my meeting page?

  • To see how your meeting page will look to your leads, click on the View option from your meeting list.



  • This will take you to the preview of your meeting page created by you.




    4) How can I copy the link of my meeting page to share with my leads?

  • To copy your meeting link to share with your leads, click on the Copy link option from your meeting list.



  • You can also copy your meeting link while drafting an email in the Mailbox of Clientjoy.




    5) How can I embed the meeting scheduler on my website?

    Yes, you can use the meeting link's embedded code on your website. To get the embedded code, go to the calendar, open meeting scheduler. This will show you the list of all meeting links that you've created. You can find the copy Embed code option next to the meeting in tripe dots options as shown in the image below.



    ✍️ Note: When you embed the meeting scheduler in your website. The default dimension might not work with your website's page. You can change the width or height element in the embed code to get the best results.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How many meeting links can I create?

    You can create as many meeting links as you want to use for different purposes.




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