How to connect your Outlook account to the mailbox?

Communicate with your leads/customers directly from Clientjoy by syncing and managing your Outlook account in Clientjoy. It will help you to keep all your communications with your lead/customer in one place.


To connect your Outlook, please follow the below steps:


1) Click on Connect my email.

2) This will open up a modal window, where you get the option to choose your service provider. Click on Connect Outlook

3) This will redirect you to the login page of your Outlook account. You need to choose the account you want to connect.

4) Enter your credentials to connect your Outlook account in Clientjoy. Click on Sign in.

Note 🗒️: If you have set two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account, you will have to enter the code received on your authenticator app on your device or any other authentication mechanism that you've set for your account. Click on Verify.


Congratulations 🙌 your email inbox is connected inside Clientjoy. Your data will be synced in few minutes.


Note 🗒️: A team member will be able to connect one email. If they have to connect another email, they will have to delete the currently added email and then add another email.



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