How to connect your Gmail account to the mailbox?

Communicate with your leads/customers directly from Clientjoy by syncing and managing your Gmail account in Clientjoy. It will help you to keep all your communications with your lead/customer in one place.


To connect your Gmail account, please follow the below steps:


1) Click on Connect my email

2) Click on Connect Gmail.


3) This will open the login page of your Gmail account. You can choose the Gmail account you wish to connect to and enter the credentials.



Note 🗒️: You will have to give the permissions for authentication until Clientjoy gets whitelisted with google.


4) Click on Advanced. Click on Go to



5) You need to give Clientjoy access to your Google account by giving permission to all the options. Click on Continue.


6) Congratulations 🙌 your email inbox is connected inside Clientjoy. Your data will be synced in few minutes.


Note 🗒️: Emails associated with Leads/Customers are shared by default with others in your company. You can change the default settings from Email settings.


Note 🗒️: A team member will be able to connect one email. If they have to connect another email, they will have to delete the currently added email and then add another email.


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