How to collect money through the online payment methods for my invoices?

Now you can use various payments methods on ClientJoy to receive online payments from your clients globally.


In this article, we'll cover


1. How does the payment gateway integration work on ClientJoy?


Clientjoy provides 5 major payment gateways integrations such as -

Stripe, PayPal, Payoneer, Razorpay, and Instamojo.


You can enable these payment methods for your invoices sent to the clients very easily.

1) You just need to connect the preferred payment method from Settings> Payment Methods, after that, you can select that as a default gateway or you can select it for the individual invoice from the invoices section.

2) When your client will open the invoice they will be able to see the enabled payment option.

3) Customer can simply click on the pay now button to make the payment.

4) Once the payment is successful the status of the invoices will be changed to paid from sent or overdue.

5) This will automatically record the payment with the invoices.



2. Which online payment methods are available on clientJoy?


The Payment Gateways that Clientjoy supports are:


3. What are the top benefits of these gateways?


  • PayPal is known for its fast processing systems

  • Widely available and recognized across the globe

  • Easy-to-access records for all transactions on its site

  • Provides a variety of payment methods depending on your account and country, including Paypal Checkout, credit and debit, Pay Later, and Venmo.


  • Accepts payments without any delays or errors

  • Is easy to set up for recurring (or subscription-based) payments.

  • Do not charge any hidden fees from customers or businesses.

  • No refund fees


  • Pay up to 71% less in Payment Gateway fees

  • Enable your Global Clients to Make Local Transfers in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD & MXN

  • Automated, Digital, Centralised, and Free Compliance

  • Ability to make Vendor Payouts


  • Easy to setup. You can sign up and get started within a day!

  • Claimed Faster Payout


  • Greater visibility into your billed & unbilled transactions with a smart dashboard

  • Highly reliable fraud prevention and security

  • Advance customer payments

  • 0 setup and maintenance fees


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