How to collect money through a payment gateway for my Invoices?

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How does Clientjoy integrate with a payment gateway?

Clientjoy has integration with three different payment gateways which are - Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Payoneer, and Instamojo. It is very easy for you to enable these for your clients.

1) You need to connect your invoices with the preferred payment gateway by simply clicking on it and recording your API details and enabling it for all invoices by default.

2) When your client will open the invoice they will be able to see the enabled payment option.

3) Customer can simply click on the pay now button to make the payment.

4) Once the payment is successful the status of the invoices will be changed to paid from sent or overdue.

5) This will automatically record the payment with the invoices.


Which Payment Gateways are available in Clientjoy?

The Payment Gateways that are available in Clientjoy are:

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