How to add/remove/re-arrange and customize tabs in Client Portal?

In this article, we'll cover

  1. How to add a tab in Client Portal
  2. How to re-arrange tabs in Client Portal
  3. How to remove or hide tabs from Client Portal

Who can make changes or customize tabs in Client Portal?

✍️ Note: Owner and Admin of the Workspace will have the access to make changes or customize the tabs in Client Portal. 

Including tabs for your clients in the portal will make it easier for them to navigate through your contents and offerings, and you can use this to streamline client onboarding and day-to-day work.

1. How to add Tab in Client Portal 

To add tabs you have to click on the add tab button in the top navigation bar, where the other tabs are visible. Follow the image below for a better understanding. 

Once we click on the add tab button, we will have a modal window open, where we will get another option to add tab. Follow the image below.

Now, once you click again on "Add new tab", you will have two option.

  • One, you can add a link directly
  • You can add an embedded link as well. 

Follow the image below to understand how it will look like. 

Now, we will see what will happen for each selection. 

If you select "I have a link" option, you will be asked to enter a label to be displayed on the navigation bar, and just below to that you will have to paste the desired link. 

Below to the same screen, you will have a preview on how it will look like on the client portal. Follow the image below for a better clarification. 

You can opt for, where the link should open. It can be open on the same tab or in a different tab. All you need to do is a tick on the "open in a new tab" option. 


If you opt to share an embedded code, you will have to follow the same process, but now, instead of adding a link, you will have to paste the code snippet. I am attaching one snap below for you :) 

Here we go, now you have successfully added one link (copied/ embedded) to your client portal.


2. How to re-arrange Tab in Client Portal 

Re-arranging tabs in Client Portal is the easiest thing you will ever have to do in Client Portal. Trust me, I am not even exaggerating. 

To do some re-arrangements on the navigation bar, you will have to hit the "Add new tab" button again an toggle the tabs as per your needs. 

Follow the below video for reference. 



3. How to remove or hide Tabs in Client Portal 
The same way we are rearranging tabs in between, in a similar way we can remove or Hide tabs in Client Portal. 

💡 Tip:  Files, Proposals, and Invoices - these three tabs can be hidden in the Client Portal but can not be removed as these are the default tabs you get with your Client Portal. 

You have to click on the drop down of the respective tab, you want to perform the action and you will be able to see hide and remove option. 


Once the tab is hidden, it will be shown under the Hidden tab options, you can unhide from there as well whenever you need. 


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