How to add Leads from Google sheet to Clientjoy using Integromat?

Let's take an example that when an entry is made in your Google sheet, it gets automatically added as a new lead in Clientjoy.


Here are the steps to follow.


1 . Login to your Integromat account. Click on Scenarios.

2) Click on Add new scenario

3) Click on Add icon

4) Select Google sheet from the list

5) Choose an option from the triggers. In this scenario, as we want the trigger to happen whenever a new row is added in the sheet, select Watch rows.

6) It will show you the options to select your spreadsheet and map the headers.

7) Once the spreadsheet is selected and the headers are mapped, click on Ok.

8) Next step is to set the action. Click Add another module.

9) Choose Clientjoy from the list.

10) Choose the option Create a Lead from the list.

11) It will show you the options to select your workspace and map the fields.


12) Once the workspace is selected and mapping is done, click on Ok.


13) Once everything is set, click on Run once.


14) Once is scenario run was successfully completed, you can save it.


That's it 🙌 You are all set to use it.


Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Clientjoy support via chat/ email (, or explore Help Center to get information!