How to add Leads from Clientjoy to Google sheets using Pabbly Connect?


Let's take an example that when an entry is made in your leads module of Clientjoy account, it gets automatically added to your Google sheets.


Here are the steps to follow.


1 . Login to Pabbly. Click on Dashboard.



2 . You can choose the trigger and the action you want to create. For example, whenever a new lead is added in Clientjoy, it will create a new entry in google sheets.


So in trigger, you can choose Clientjoy and in Action, you can choose Google sheets (You can choose the action you want to take place in google sheets. For eg: Add new row).



3 . Click on Try it now


4 . Connect your Clientjoy account and then choose the workspace. Click on Save and send test request



5 . It will pick up the API response from the workspace.


Please note : If you want to capture the lastest data from your Clientjoy account, then click on capture Webhook response and then go in your Clientjoy account and add a new lead. Pabbly will then pick up that data automatically and record the API response. This step is optional. If you don't want to do this step, then Pabbly will automatically pick the last lead entered in your workspace.



6 . Click on Save



7 . Click on action and choose the action event from the drop down list. For example, choose Add new row as you want a new row to be added as the data of that lead created in Clientjoy.



8 . Click on Connect with Google sheets and once connected successfully, you can choose your spreadsheet and map the details. Click on Save and send test request.



9 . You can check your Google sheet to check if the data is added in your spreadsheet. Once the data is added, you can Click on save


Then you are all set to use it.



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