How can I white label my workspace?

Clientjoy allows you to have complete control of your own brand in front of your Leads/Customers. In the Customer area and public pages, you can add your logos, your domain, your brand colors, your custom scripts, your styles, etc. In fact, all the emails to your Customers/Leads will also go from your emails and in the email templates which you can configure. In your admin's area (which is your workspace where you, your sales, or accounts team login), we have traces of Clientjoy e.g. Help & Support, Our How-to Videos, Release notes, etc. They are there to guide the users of Clientjoy (only your team). Off-course the support emails, forgot password emails to your team go from our emails because that is where we are answerable to you. In short, the communication to you and your team is our responsibility so we open the space for you to reach out to us. But when it comes to your Clients, the communication is controlled by you, the invite to your clients goes from your email Id, you can set a password for them (we are not involved).


How to set up a Custom Domain? for configuring your Domain.


Also if you want to set up your own SMTP settings for sending emails please do refer to - How to send emails using custom SMTP?