How can I update a Customer automatically via Zap?

Clientjoy is now ready with Zapier update triggers and actions for leads and customers.

In order to update a Customer automatically with a zap, you need to follow the below mention steps:


1 . Log in to Zapier.



2 . You can create a Zap via the Make a Zap option.


3. Choose the app with which you want to integrate Clientjoy to update the customer details and fill in the necessary details for the same as the steps follow. ( For instance, Google sheet is chosen)



4 . Once clicked on the Continue button Choose an account.


Now, click on Continue.

5 . Set up the trigger and fill in the necessary details and In order to find the data click on the Test trigger.

6 . Click on Continue.

7. you can now choose Clientjoy as the app to integrate with and update the details for the same. Please select version Clientjoy BETA as highlighted in the image below.


8 . In the Action event choose to Find a customer and click on Continue.

9.Choose an account and click on Continue.

10. In order to set up an action choose the workspace name and enter the customer name. In case the customer is not found Click on Create Clientjoy customer check box and enter the data accordingly and Click Test and Continue.



11. You need to create another action to update a Customer. Do fill in the required information and click on test and continue.

[Here it will ask you for Customer Id. This id will be received from find customer action]

12. Turn the Zap on.


If you have any questions please reach out at