How can I set up the Windows Desktop Application for Clientjoy?

In order to set up the Windows Desktop application for Clientjoy, the user needs to follow the following steps :

  • Please click on the URL link-

  • You can click on the Download button for the respective OS.

  • This will download the Clientjoy-app file in your system. Click on the downloaded file once the download is complete.

  • This might take you to the Windows Protected Screen. Users need to click on the More info and Run anyway option. [ Note: Be rest assured this is the tested and secure way of configuring your desktop application.]


  • Please wait while the Windows Configures and install the Clientjoy Desktop App.

  • Once the Desktop App is Configured the shortcut icon of the Clientjoy desktop app is created on your desktop.

  • There you go! You can simply click on the app icon and log in with your credentials.

If you have any query reach out to Clientjoy support at