How can I set my Invoice number format?

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1) How to set the Invoice number format?

  • Go to the Invoices option from Settings and scroll down to Other settings



  • Choose the Invoice number format from the dropdown option.


  • Enter your Invoice Prefix which you want to use for your Invoice number



  • Enter the Invoice number which you want to use from your next Invoice



  • See the Preview of your invoice number format before saving the changes.



  • Once the invoice number format is set, click on Save changes




2) How to change the invoice number format for an already created invoice?

You can change the invoice number format for the invoice in the draft stage or the already sent invoice.

  • Open the Invoice in which you want to edit the Invoice number. Click on the edit icon shown beside the Invoice number



  • This will open up the modal window where you can set the Invoice number format.



  • Edit/update your invoice number



  • Click on the dropdown to edit/update the Prefix and format.



  • Choose whether you want to update only this invoice or all the invoices which will be generated after this.



  • Once done, click on Save changes



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