How can I integrate apps with Clientjoy using Zapier?

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  1. Are you new to Zapier?

  2. What can you do with Clientjoy's Integration with Zapier?

  3. How can I integrate Zapier with Clientjoy?


Are you new to Zapier?


What can you do with Clientjoy's Integration with Zapier?

With our Integration with Zapier, you can connect Clientjoy with the other apps that you use for your business use case.

Here is what and how you can do with our Zapier integration:

If you have any other use case of a zap that is not listed here, please write to us at We are always listening. :)


How can I integrate Zapier with Clientjoy?

Let's take an example that when a Lead is added to your CRM let's say Pipedrive, it gets automatically added to Clientjoy as a Lead.

Here are the steps to follow.


1 . Log in to Zapier. Click on Accept Invite & Build a Zap to enter your Zapier Dashboard


2 . You can create a Zap via the Make a Zap option.


3 . Choose the app with which you want to integrate Clientjoy and fill in the necessary details for the same as the steps follow. ( For instance, Pipedrive is chosen)


4 . Click on Continue Button.


Now, Click on Continue.


5 . In order to find the data click on Test trigger.


6 . Click on Continue.

7 . Once you are done with setting up the app you can now choose Clientjoy as the app to integrate with and fill in the details for the same. Please select version Clientjoy BETA as highlighted in the image below.


8 . In the Action event choose to create a lead and click Continue.


9 . Now choose your Clientjoy account to sign in.


10 . Once the account is chosen click on Continue.


11 . Click on the field name to enter the data either by typing or by selecting from the list available.


12 . Click on continue once done test and review it to check if the data entered is correct.


13 . Once done then turn on the Zap.


Now you are good to go!


If you have any questions reach out to us at