How can I add Branding plus to my plan?

Note 🗒️: Only the Owner and the Admin have the right to purchase Branding plus once upgraded to a paid plan.


In this article, we'll cover


Why Branding Plus?

Branding Plus empowers you to customize the experience of your Leads and Client in your own branding. You can:

  • You can get rid of the "Powered by Clientjoy".

  • Use the Clientjoy app on your custom domain

  • If you use any email service like Mailgun, Mailchimp, SendGrid, AWS, etc. for sending official emails then all your sales and client emails can go from your own domain's email.

  • You can add your brand logo, custom styles, and custom scripts on all the pages which are visible to your Leads and Clients. You can add support chats, analytics to your Client Portal with this.


You get this at only $9 per month.


Special Offer for new sign ups🎁 :

If you are upgrading to the Pro plan within the first 7 days after sign up, you will get access to Branding plus for free in your plan.



How do I get Branding plus?

✍️ Note: Branding Plus addon is only available in the Paid Plans. You need to upgrade to Paid plan to purchase it.


You can follow the following steps to get the Branding Plus:


Branding plus can be added from :


1) Branding plus Page in Settings

2) Billing Page in Settings


1. Access Branding Plus Page

Go to the Branding plus option from the sidebar in Settings. Click on Get Branding Plus in the banner shown.



2. Confirm adding Branding Plus to your existing plan

This will open up the Order Confirmation modal window. Click on Add Branding Plus to my Subscription.



✍️ Note: If you are adding Branding plus in the middle of your billing cycle, we will charge you on a pro-rata basis, and then it will be $9/month next bill onwards.


3. You can start customizing now

That's it 🙌 Branding plus is added to your plan.



You can now start using Clientjoy on your domain by


✍️ Note: You can check your updated billing from the billing page in settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I purchase Branding plus if I am on the Free Forever plan?

  • To purchase Branding plus, you will have to subscribe to a paid plan.

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