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Setup your Branding 🎨
Setup your Branding 🎨

Showcase your brand to your Leads or Clients

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We'll cover

✍️ Note: Custom Domain, Custom SMTP, Custom scripts, and styles are available with our Branding Plus add-on. If you don't have branding plus then also Clientjoy allows you to have your Logos on your Documents, Invoices, and Client Portal. Invoices take your brand color as well.

Add your Brand Identity

  • Navigate to Settings > Branding +

  • Click on Brand Identity to set up your own brand's logo, favicon, and brand color.

  • You'll also see a preview of how the logos and colors will look in your Invoice and Client Portal.

Brand Logo

✍️ Note: Your logo will be used in your Invoices, Proposals, Quotes, Client Portal, Display Picture of the Account, and more.

✍️ Note: You can use JPEG, PNG, or other image formats for your logo. Avoid blurry images, and use sharp and clear images. PNG images with transparent backgrounds are recommended.


✍️ Note: You need to upload the logo of size: 32x32 the format to be used is JPEG or PNG. Avoid blurry images, and use sharp and clear images. PNG images with transparent backgrounds are recommended.

Brand Color

✍️ Note: Your Brand Color will be auto-applied to your Invoice templates.

Setup Custom Domain (Customise the URLs)

  • Navigate to Settings > Branding +

  • Click on Custom Domain to open the configuration

Create a CNAME in your DNS setup

You need to choose a domain or subdomain on which you want to run your workspace. For Example, your website address is and you want this as your custom domain:

To set up the custom domain, please map your required domain/subdomain name to CNAME in your DNS setup’s Cpanel. (If you are not familiar with the CNAME setup then you can take the help of a technical person or contact our support. You can also google CNAME setup in "your provider e.g. GoDaddy/NameCheap, etc.)

Connect your domain with Clientjoy

✍️ Note: Perform this step once your custom domain is mapped with Clientjoy via CNAME. It might take up to 48 hours for your domain to point to Clientjoy. You can check if the mapping is done using tools like What's my DNS?

You will also get a preview of how your URLs will look in various modules of Clientjoy, like Your workspace login, Client portal login, Document public link, Invoice public link, etc.

✍️ Note: If the system throws an error while verifying, please ensure that the above steps have been followed correctly, else please contact the service provider of your CNAME.

Securing your URLs with SSL

Once your domain is connected successfully with Clientjoy we'll add an SSL certificate to your domain to secure it. This can take some time (max 2 hours). Keep checking your entered domain name on a new device or in incognito mode of your browser to know if the SSL setup is complete.

✍️ Note: SSL certificate secures the connection and the URLs begin with HTTPS e.g.

Setup is complete

This is what a successful setup of a custom domain looks like.

Setup custom outgoing email address with SMTP

You can send outgoing emails for Documents, Invoices, reminders, etc. with your own brand's email with help of SMTP settings. Let's say you want to use the email [email protected] for sending all emails.

✍️ Note: When your SMTP setup is not there, Clientjoy sends all the communication using the email [email protected].

  • Navigate to Settings > Branding +

  • Click on SMTP settings to open the configuration

Update Sender Details

First, you will need to set up the sender details, where you add the Sender Name and Reply-to email address which will be visible to the user who received the email.

As shown below, once you add these details, click the "Update Sender" button to save the changes and you can also test the email by sending a test email to your email address.

✍️ Note: "Send a test email to me" will send the email to your registered email.

✍️ Note: You can choose different email addresses for outgoing emails and reply-to email addresses based on your needs.

SMTP Settings (Outgoing email address configuration)

Here you need to set up your email which will be used for outgoing communications apart from emails that are sent from the mailbox.

  • Click on Change to change the outgoing email address.

  • Choose from the list, your existing email service provider.

✍️ Note: You can use official email services like Google Workspace, Microsoft, Zoho, Yahoo, etc. to send these emails. All these services come with a maximum limit of the emails that can be sent in a day e.g. Google allows 500 emails. To send more than that limit you can opt for mass email-sending services like Send Grid, Mailchimp, AWS SES, etc.

  • Fill in the SMTP details provided by your email service provider to allow Clientjoy to send emails using their SMTP service.

✍️ Note: You can find the required SMTP details by googling "How to get SMTP details for <Your email service provider>?".

✍️ Note: GOOGLE workspace's email requires you to generate a unique app password and then use that in the SMTP password. Follow these instructions to set up SMTP when using Google workspace email.

✍️ Note: If you face any challenge in Microsoft account SMTP setup follow these steps.

  • Test your SMTP settings and then save your SMTP details.

  • Now try sending a Document or an Invoice using Clientjoy and test it.

Setup Custom scripts

Custom scripts are used to customize your Client Portal by adding Custom Scripts of Third-party Tools to add Live Chats, Feedback, Analytics, Popup forms, etc.

  • Navigate to Settings > Client Pages

  • Navigate to the Custom Scripts form

For example, if you want to embed Google Analytics Script on Client Portal, you can easily Copy Paste the script, click on save changes and your script is embodied across the Client Portal.

Some other examples can be Chatbot for Support chat or communication with the client, as here I am copy-pasting Chatbox script

You can click on the 'Save Changes' button to apply the script and then click on 'Preview Client Portal' to check the changes. For Example, as I inserted the script of the chatbot

✍️ Note: You can add multiple scripts at a time.

Setup Custom Styles

You can Customize your Client Pages by adding Custom CSS Styles to make them look the way you want. You now have the capabilities to change the background color, change the color of the button and everything you can do with CSS is now possible.

  • Navigate to Settings > Client Pages

  • Navigate to Custom styles form

For Example, if you want to change the color of buttons on the Client Portal. You can add the following code -

.el-button--primary { background-color: black !important; color: white !important; border: 1px black solid !important; }

By clicking on the preview button you will be able to see that the button color is now changed,

Similarly, you can change the background color using,

.el-button--primary { background-color: {COLOR OR HASH} !important;color: {COLOR OR HASH} !important; border: 1px {COLOR OR HASH} solid !important; }

✍️ Note: You can add multiple styles at a time.

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