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Templatize Services that you Invoice regularly

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We'll cover

  1. How to add items to Documents / Invoices?

Why to use Items?

You can use Clientjoy Items to add your Services or Products that you Invoice to your Clients. You can set standard names, units, rates, taxes, etc. When adding them to Invoices, just add quantity and your Invoice will be ready in minutes.

  • It saves time when creating Invoice that gets wasted in finding the current rates of a service, it's rate in other currencies, taxes that should be applied and most important not having multiple names for same service in different invoices or proposals.

  • Easy to manage and handle the changes in standard rates of your services. Any change in item properties let's say rate get's applied to all new Invoices and the ones that are yet to be sent within seconds. You don't need to go and manually change it in all Documents or Invoices.

How to add an Item?

  • Navigate to Sales > Items from the main navigation. This will take you to the listing of all your existing products or services.

  • Click on the New Item button.

  • Add the details about your Services

Item Name: Add the name of the service/ product you are offering to your client.

Description: Add a brief description of this item that will show in the Invoice.

Price: You can set standard rates for one quantity of this item.

✍️ Note: Here you can set the rate of same item in different currencies. When you are applying this item to an Invoice, the rate will be picked automatically based on the currency set for that client. e.g. if client's currency is set to EUR then EUR price of that item will be considered in that Invoice. If the rate of the item is not available in EUR then zero will be added.

Tax: You can set taxes for this item if applicable.

Category: If need be then you can categorise the Services by creating categories.

Unit: Here you can define the unit of the quantity. e.g. hours, per year, per 1000 units, etc.

Custom field: Here you can add the additional details of your products that are not available in Clientjoy by default. Go to Settings > Custom fields > Items to add a custom field here.

  • Save the Item.

How to add items to Documents / Invoices via Pricing Table?

Add a Items to an Invoice

Add a Items to a Document

Add Items to the Item table or Pricing table

An Item table inside a Invoice

An Item table inside a Document

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