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Documents Overview
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We'll cover


  1. When can you use Documents?

  2. Document Lifecycle

  3. How to create a Document?


When can you use Documents?

A document is sent by the Agency to a Lead indicating the products or services that are to be sold and on what terms and conditions.

You can use it for making any document that needs to sign. Agencies use it for sharing information about your company, your team, portfolios, estimates, quotes, etc.

Document Lifecycle in Clientjoy

Document lifecycle has the following phases:

1) Create a Document - You can create awesome documents with Clientjoy using its time-saving readymade templates.

2) Sending documents to the Client- You can send the documents to your client's email. You can also get the shareable link of the document for sharing it on private chats.

3) Audit Trail - Clientjoy allows you to check whether the client opened your email or opened the document link.

4) Reminders - You can pre-configure when the reminder should go and what email content should be sent in the reminders.

5) Acceptance or Rejection of the document - Clientjoy allows your clients or Leads to accept the document by digitally signing them. They can also reject the document while mentioning the reason for the rejection.

6) Convert to the Invoice - You can convert your accepted documents to an Invoice directly. [Coming soon]

7) Duplicating a document - Why create a new document every time when you can make changes in the previous one and send it to the next Lead?

How to Create a document?

  • Navigate to the document. Click on +New document

  • Next, add the document Title and select a receiver.

  • Click Create.

  • This will take you to the document editor page.

Using Document Editor

  • In the left menu, we have options to add a design block, formatting options, available merge fields, etc.

  • From the adding block section you can add the desirable block to the document:

  1. Text: In order to add text to your document you can simply click on Text block.

  2. Image: To insert the image on the document you can make use of an image block which will further give you the option to upload pictures from the device or directly from the URL

  3. Table: If you have content in the form of a table you can make use of a table block.

  4. Pricing Table: If you want to add the items table on the document you can use the pricing table block.

  5. Divider: a line used for separating sections.

  6. Page: you can add, remove, and re-order pages. You can also set default formatting for the whole document e.g. Font color, Font, or page background.

  • You can format the properties of each block to design it.

  • Our document automatically saves information. It'll save you from accidentally losing your Hard work.

  • At the top of the document, we have a toolbar that can be used to format the text everywhere e.g. in text blocks, in tables, etc. You can make the text bold or italics, align the paragraph left-right, or center, or change the font style, or font size.

Using Merge fields

You can also insert dynamic data in the document through merge fields e.g. Name of the Receiver's Company, Client's website link, etc. Navigate to the merge field option from the left menu to make use of it.

Note: On the document for using a merge field option start typing with "["

Document Preview

You can Preview the document, this will show you how the document will look to your Client or Lead. You can also download the PDF of the document for your use.

You can also write to us at [email protected]


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