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Invite Team members
Invite Team members

Bring your Sales team, Account managers, Accounting team

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Bring your Sales team, Account managers, Accounting team, etc to Clientjoy. You can give them access to Sales Pipeline, Invoicing, Clients, etc. based on your needs.

Types of Roles

  • Owner: Have all access to the workspace. Can remove admins.

  • Admin: Have access to all modules and settings. Can add admins but can't remove them.

  • Member: Can't access settings and have access to modules that are granted by admins.

Types of Permissions

  • Leads or Sales Pipelines

  • Clients

  • Invoices

  • Documents

  • Settings

Teams Page

  • Navigate to Settings > Team

  • From here you can add team members, change their permissions or remove them.

Adding a team member

  • Click Add team button

  • Click on send Invitation to send the invite.

โœ๏ธ Note: You can resend the Invitation email from the options available in triple dots if the invitation link is expired.

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