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Referral Program Overview 🎁
Referral Program Overview 🎁
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Get $50 credit in rewards for each new Business you refer to Clientjoy. And they get $50 credit as a reward for the privilege of knowing you as well. That’s right. You get rewarded and They get rewarded. Everybody gets rewarded. These credits can be used against Bills from Clientjoy.

Valid only till 31st May 2022 | Thereafter you will get $25 for every successful referral | T&C Applied

In this article, we'll cover

1. Where to locate and get started with the Referral program?

Settings> Refer and Earn

Login to the Clientjoy Portal from the sign-in page, go to "settings"

Click "Go to all settings"

Go to "Refer and Earn" under the Workspace section

Click "Alright, generate my link!" This will generate a unique link for you to share for the referral program.

2. What are the different ways you can refer Clientjoy to your friends?

A. Copy and share your unique referral link

B. Email directly to your friends from the Clientjoy portal

C. Share invites on popular social media apps from the Clientjoy portal

All the above actions can be undertaken from the Referral page on the Clientjoy platform

A. Copy and share your unique referral link

Just after you generate a link for yourself, you should be able to see the link box with the "copy link" option besides that, you can simply copy and share the link with your friends via any communication method.

B. Email directly to your friends from the Clientjoy portal

Just below your referral link, we have customized a draft email for you along with the referral link and details, you just have to add your friend's email and hit "send email" as shown below:

We have kept it editable for you to customize the mail as per your requirements.

C. Share invites on popular social media apps from the Clientjoy portal

Below the email sharing window, you can see the sharing options to invite via the most popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

This is a single-click sharing option for your favorite social apps

3. Checking your rewards

Once your referred person signs up on Clientjoy, you get rewarded with $50 for each signup:

1. You will receive an email notifying you of the earning of the credits.

2. You get instant notification of the credits on the portal:

3. You can also check your balance inside the "Refer and Earn" section:

4. Claiming your rewards

You can anytime redeem your earned reward points in the below methods:

  1. You can use them for your upcoming billing payments

  2. Can be used to pay for any upgrades or add-ons

As currently, we are in the process of updating our payment systems, so Clientjoy support will be helping you in redeeming the rewards, you can contact us via chat, or email us at [email protected]

P.S. Clientjoy is working on a process where users can individually redeem the rewards points while doing the payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I redeem the points for cash or in my bank account?

No, the points can only be used for Clientjoy subscription payments.

2. Can a person be referred after he/she signed up on Clientjoy?

The has to sign-up using the referral link only, to consider him/her as referred.

3. Do I get paid when my referral pays or upgrades their account?

Currently, Clientjoy provides the bonus on sign-up action only.

4. When can I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your points at the time of billing for your subscription or can use them for a plan upgrade.

5. Can I send referral Emails to multiple people at once from the Clientjoy platform?

At the moment you can send an email request to one person at a time from Clientjoy.


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