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Best practices for referring
Best practices for referring
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Best practices and guidelines to be followed for effective results

In this article, we'll cover

1. Whom to refer Clientjoy?

You can refer Clientjoy to your Friends, family members doing business, your business partners, agencies with whom you are doing business, Freelancers, etc

2. Get more rewards

The more people sign-up using your referral link, the more you get paid. Try to refer people who really need a CRM solution for their business needs

3. Make sure the referred person, sign-up with your referral link only

To be eligible for getting a referral bonus, the referred person will need to sign-up using your referral link only. Signing up without using the link will not be considered for the bonus.

4. Guidelines to follow

  • Please ensure the email id of the Referee to whom you refer, is not fake.

  • Make sure the user completes the sign-up process, for getting the rewards credited.

  • Do not follow illegitimate practices for getting the referrals (The access will be revoked).

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