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Setup payment Gateways to collect payments
Setup payment Gateways to collect payments

Integrate Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer, Instamojo, Razorpay

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Clientjoy provides 5 major payment gateways integrations such as -

Stripe, PayPal, Payoneer, Razorpay, and Instamojo.

In this article we'll cover

What are the top benefits of these gateways?


  • PayPal is known for its fast processing systems

  • Widely available and recognized across the globe

  • Easy-to-access records for all transactions on its site

  • Provides a variety of payment methods depending on your account and country, including Paypal Checkout, credit and debit, Pay Later, and Venmo.


  • Accepts payments without any delays or errors

  • Is easy to set up for recurring (or subscription-based) payments.

  • Do not charge any hidden fees from customers or businesses.

  • No refund fees


  • Pay up to 71% less in Payment Gateway fees

  • Enable your Global Clients to Make Local Transfers in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD & MXN

  • Automated, Digital, Centralised, and Free Compliance

  • Ability to make Vendor Payouts


  • Easy to setup. You can sign up and get started within a day!

  • Claimed Faster Payout


  • Greater visibility into your billed & unbilled transactions with a smart dashboard

  • Highly reliable fraud prevention and security

  • Advance customer payments

  • 0 setup and maintenance fees

How to connect the Payment Gateway?

  • Navigate to Settings > Payment methods > online payment gateways

  • Choose the payment gateway that you wish to connect to and click on connect.

How to connect PayPal?

How to connect Stripe?

Enabling Payment Gateway in the Invoice

  • Open the Invoice to update it or create a new Invoice

  • Choose payment methods as shown in the image below. You'll see all enabled payment methods in the list.

  • Click to choose the ones that you want to show on this Particular Invoice.

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