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How to Create Lead from Google Form to Clientjoy using Integrately?
How to Create Lead from Google Form to Clientjoy using Integrately?
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Let's take an example when an entry is made in your Google form of leads data, it gets automatically added to Clientjoy as a Lead.

Here are the steps to follow.

1 . Login to Integrately Pltform and Click on Dashboard.

2. To create a new Automation, Click the New Automation button which is highlighted in the image below.

3. Choose the app with which you want to integrate Clientjoy and fill in the necessary details for the same as the steps follow. ( For Example, Google Form is chosen)

4. Now, Please select another Application that you want to integrate. ( For Example, Clientjoy is chosen)

5. After selecting the Application, Please click on the Go button

6. After Clicking on the Go button, Please Add your selected Application configuration(Add Connection, choose Clientjoy Account)

7. Once your configuration is done, Please map your fields with the respective fields between the Application configuration

8. Once everything is mapped between applications, Please click on the Test & Turn ON button

9. After clicking on the Test & Turn ON button, you will get a message test is successfully done, Now Integration is working fine.

Now, Whenever a new response is added to your Google form, a new lead will be created in Clientjoy.

If you have any questions reach out to us at [email protected]

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