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Integrate your Google Drive or One drive account
Integrate your Google Drive or One drive account

Share your Drive files to your Clients

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In this article we'll cover

How to connect your Google Drive and One Drive account?

  • Navigate to Settings > Connected apps > Cloud storage apps section

  • Click on Google or One drive option to connect your account and follow the steps

✍️ Note: When connecting Google drive, you need to tick all the permissions including "See and Download all your Google Drive files"

Once your account is connected you can start uploading and sharing the files from these accounts.

How to share Google & One drive account with your clients?

  • Navigate to Main navigation > Clients > Choose a specific client.

  • Navigate to files

  • Click on "Google Drive" and select the file you want to share from your drive.

Once you select the file you want to share, it will appear in the files section as below:

You can enable the "Portal" button if you want to share the file in the Client portal.

✍️ Note: Files shared via Google Drive; will be in the form of URL links, so you will need to make them publicly accessible or shared with that particular email of the client from Google Drive sharing options.

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