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Setup Custom Fields
Setup Custom Fields

Capture custom information for your Leads, Clients, Services, Your Company, etc.

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Custom fields are used to add more details to almost anything in Clientjoy, including Leads, Customer, Company, Items, and Invoice. Such as - Industry, Vertical, Company size, HSN code, GSTN number, VAT, FAT, onboarding details, requirements etc.

You can capture Dates, numbers, Dropdown options, Texts using these custom fields.

We'll cover

How to add Custom Fields?

You can add custom fields for Leads, Clients, Items, Your company and Invoices.

  • Navigate to settings > Custom Fields

  • Click on add button

  • Choose the Module that you wish to associate the field with e.g. Lead, Client, Item, Company or Invoice.

  • Give the field a name which can be understood by you and your team.

  • Choose a type of field based on the type of information that you need to capture

    • Text - for names, info, urls, emails, etc.

    • Date - for important dates

    • Number - for numbers, phone numbers, amounts, etc.

    • Select - for allowing only one option from the list in dropdown e.g. Yes/No

    • Multiselect - for allowing multiple options from the list in dropdown e.g. requirements

  • Choose if you want the field to be mandatory.

    ✍️ Note: When a custom field is set as mandatory the forms will not be saved if the field is empty and Imports will not happen unless the value for this custom field is present.

Where all will you see the Custom Fields?

Adding or updating Leads or Clients

Updating Company Info

Adding or updating Items

Adding or Updating Invoice

Custom fields as merge fields

Custom fields are available as merge fields in

  • One on One emails that you send to your Lead / Clients

  • Email templates

  • Documents that you create for sending Proposals, Agreements, Quotes, Contracts, etc.

  • Address formatting for your company and your Client's company on Invoice

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